Alvina Frisbie Scholarship Committee

Before her passing Alvina Frisbie wanted to do something for our Chinook people. Even though she lived in Portland and had not attended many meetings over the years she knew she was Chinook and felt that bond. Alvina decided she wanted to do something that would better the lives of our Chinook People and set up and endowment with U.S.Bank for educational scholarships.

Thanks to Alvina we have been able award over eighty scholarships well worth over $200,000 total. With these scholarships many of our people have obtained their dreams and bettered their way of life. We can hope that out of this education we will see up and coming committee members and possibly future council members.

We raise our hands in thanks to Alvina Frisbie!

Committee Members:
Gary Johnson, Marybeth Kramer, Angie Little, Sam Robinson and Joan Wekell

Application Information

The Alvina Frisbie Scholarship is administered by US Bank and the Chinook Indian Nation. To be eligible for this scholarship applicants must:

Be an enrolled Chinook Tribal Member for at least one year
Live in Washington or Oregon, or attend a school in Washington or Oregon
Be a High School Graduate or have earned a General Equivalency Diploma
Applicants need to be prepared to submit the following items to US Bank on or before April fifth deadline.

  1. Official Transcript or Original Grade Report from the last quarter completed.
  2. Copy of pages 1 & 2 of most recent federal tax return. (Independent Students: include your tax return, and your spouse (if married).
  3. Dependent Students: include parent(s) most recent tax return Students are considered dependent when they receive over 50% of their support from their parent or parents. If parents are separated, include each parent that helps support you.
  4. A one page statement of your goals and why you should receive educational funding assistance.
  5. A one page statement of your community service and outside activities
  6. Completed “Applicant Information” page

Approved Applicants Must:
Volunteer a total of 20 hours at Tribal events each year.
Be present at the Annual Meeting to receive your award.

You may be asked to participate in a phone interview by the scholarship board. First time recipient’s scholarship funds will be awarded following successful completion of one term/semester of post high school education.

A student may apply for this scholarship up to four years.

Read this information BEFORE submitting your application.

  1. A DEPENDANT STUDENT is someone who receives at least 50% of their support from a parent(s) or other care giver.
  2. AN INDEPENDANT STUDENT is someone who supports his or her self
  3. Applicants are required to submit full, current, and accurate information for their personal and parental/care giver, and familial financial situation.
  4. Applicants must submit their personal income tax information. Married applicants must submit a Spouses income tax information too.
  5. Parents must submit either joint income tax information or individual fillings if they are divorced.
    To emphasize: both parents should submit their tax information. Even if a parent does not actually contribute to the applicants educational expenses, please submit their tax information and then explain your situation. Letters explaining unusual circumstances will be reviewed by the committee (e.g. it looks like my Dad made a lot of money on these taxes, but he’s now unemployed and contributes $0 to my education). These letters will be carefully screened and may require a follow-up call.

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