Chinook Secy/Treas Peggy DisneyPeggy Disney - Secretary/Treasurer

Birthplace: Raymond, WA
Current Residence: Bay Center, WA
Current Family Information: Spouse: Terry Disney Sons: (1) Marshall Daughters: (2) Falan, Mataya
Family Descendency: Pickernell, Tonwah, Aubichon-Elmermach
Education: South Bend High, 1977
Employment Information and Location: Retired
Hobbies: Cultural activities with the immediate family. Brothers, sisters, etc. Camping, gathering berries, basket materials, cedar strip, etc. weaving.
Chinook Committee Involvement: No Committee involvement at this time. I have previously been on the Cultural Committee, Enrollment Committee, and the Communications Committee.
Goals While on the Council: Reach the final goal for the Tribe-Recognition from the U.S. Government!!
Additional Personal Information: I have lived my entire life in Chinook Country, always leaning toward the best thing for Chinook.

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